O, Ramadan Tree. Let’s Get To Know Thee.

The Christmas tree, radiating warmth and beauty, is the center of holiday festivities. As a little immigrant girl, I begged my parents for a 1 ft artificial tree to decorate with popcorn and homemade ornaments. I knew no tree equaled no Santa. Now that my kids are old enough to understand the meaning of holidays, I knew I wanted to bring the same magic to my home during Ramadan. Enter, the Ramadan Tree.


Now, the Ramadan tree comes in many forms. I’ve been absolutely delighted to see the different Ramadan trees on Pinterest and my Ramadan Facebook Groups. Pulling together this tree was really easy. I purchased the following items:

How To Use Ramadan Tree

  • Decorate it with ornaments and place presents underneath
  • Make it a “Good Deeds Tree”: Write good deeds on green paper shaped like leaves, and string up a good deed everytime you complete it.

A Muslim entrepreneur in Michigan, Baydoon Bazzi, is selling out of her moon trees. She meticulously shapes each tree into the tape of a crescent, and even at $150 a pop, they are selling out. For a more DIY fair, you can purchase the below tree from Hobby Lobby, $5.99

Do you plan on having a Ramadan tree in your home this year? I’m excited to see the rise of this trend.

Peace & Salam,



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