Everything You Need To Know About Ramadan Countdown Calendars

When I was a little girl, I would watch in fascination as my Christian friends opened up their daily advent calendars. As if Christmas wasn’t exciting enough, there was a daily countdown of treats to explore. So you can imagine my thrill when I saw Ramadan countdown calendars start to show up on Pinterest.

Being the decor snob (and lazy person) I am, I bought one that fit my home aesthetics. My other requirement: space to hold good deed messages & chocolate coins. 3-RamadanCalendar-Islamimommy-Refinery29

I bought the above calendar from Handmade Beginnings, which shows the moon phases on lovely blue fabric. But I actually love the kitschy DIY calendars that moms make for their kids because they are so colorful and festive.

Here is a list of my favorite countdown calendars, for sale and for DIY!


  1. Handmade Beginnings 
  2. With A Spin Decorative Moon and Star Countdown
  3. SimplyImpressions DIY Treat Box Instructions 
  4. Little Life Of Mine DIY Balloon Countdown
  5. Sweet Fajr DIY Mini Mosque Countdown 
  6. Amal Design Countdown Cards 
  7. Amazon Ramadan Tracker Calendar

I created these Ramadan Good Deed Slips in Word Docs, which I plan to cut out and put into the individual pockets. Every day my kids will get a new good deed, and after iftar, when they’ve completed it, they will get a chocolate coin or treat. I like the chocolate coins because they are shiny and flat. I recommend these chocolate coins from Amazon!

If you are looking for a mode sophisticated Ramadan calendar alternative. I highly recommend the advent-style calendar from Ramadan To Remember

Peace & Salam,