Easy Children’s Placemat Favors For Your Next Iftar or Eid Party


My rule for Ramadan and Eid party favors is that they must be delightful to the eye and useful. So I decided to make placemats for all the Muslim children in my life. I got the idea from my son’s teachers, who sent home laminated placemats for Thanksgiving.

First, I created a template on Photoshop using free vector art online. I debated between making something educational for the kids vs. something more pleasant to the eye. I opted for something pleasant to the eye (with a side of education) because I have to look at this placemat every day. If you would like to download the 11×17 PDF files just right-click Save As on But First, Bismillah Placemat Template.

If you have a printer and laminator at home, you might be able to do it all yourself. But I opted to send the file to my local UPS Online Printing location (closer to me than Kinkos). I printed it under the following specifications:

  • 11×17 Ledger Paper
  • Normal Paper Weight
  • Laminated
  • One-Sided

I loved the final outcome. Due to the size of the paper, the final cost per placemat is approx. $4-$5, but I wouldn’t go smaller. Not sure how well lamination stands up to wear and tear, but I think the placemat should at least get the kids through the rest of Ramadan.

I wrapped up the placemats in this lovely moon and star wrapping paper I found at target and gifted it to all the children at my Iftar this year. A great add-on to the placemat is a gifting an Islamic book. I found all of these books under $10.

Peace & Salam,