A Tour Of My Palm, Floral, and Glimmer Themed Ramadan Decor

I’ve been a maker for as long as I can remember. Crafting was my first love. Because as a  little girl, whatever I couldn’t afford I could make. #immigrantlife So its only fitting that for the biggest holiday of my year, Ramadan, my home is a fury of cardboard, glue guns, florals, and acrylic paint. For anyone curious, here is  a tour of what my home looks like during Ramadan. Welcome in! My theme this year was florals and palms.
PS. It’s totally OK to hate crafting and also not have the time to decorate. You are enough as you are. Don’t let carefully photographed and edited photos let you think otherwise. 💜👊🏽

Statement Piece

I crafted this floral crescent moon and star last year and it continues to be a staple. Here are the instructions on how to make it!

Staircase Flair

I saw many great staircase garland ideas this year. I like decorations that are reusable so I am not throwing away a lot every year. So I decorated palms with yellow and purple puffs.

  • Palm Leaves (Amazon, $15)
  • Yellow & Purple Puffs (Michaels)

Table Centerpiece

I’m obsessed with the products from ModernWallArt. I purchased this Bismillah piece for myself, my mom, and my MIL. Lucky for me, a batch of peonies were delivered to my Trader Joe’s right before my iftar. The hurricanes are from Target.


Last year our mantle was a Ramadan showcase, but my husband and I recently fell in love with a piece of art which now monopolizes all our mantle space. I wanted the decor to complement the art so I purchased paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby. I love when Christmas decor just says Merry & Bright. So I decided to go with Mubarak. I painted them green and then tried a paint splatter technique. Which I would describe as easy but aggravating. I need more practice!

Ramadan Palm Tree 

In addition I also had Ramadan flair on my entry table. The biggest addition was our lit 🌴 palm tree. In the early days of Islam, sermons were shared under the shade of a palm tree, and the Quran was placed on a palm stump. The pre-lit palm tree also adds the right amount of festive twinkle, and gives me an excuse to have a tree.  You can learn more about where I purchased it here. 


Peace and Salam,