[Free Printables] Black Muslim History Coloring Book

Every February, I add a new coloring page to my Black Muslim History Month Coloring Book. If you are a history buff like me, you might enjoy my article, The Untold Stories Of Black (Muslim) History Month and if you prefer the cliff notes, you might enjoy How I Celebrate Black Muslim History.

Growing up, my parents had friends from Haiti, Nigeria, and many predominantly African Muslim countries. I always saw Islam as the most inclusive religion. As I got older (and left the safety of my parent’s bubble) I saw first hand Muslims being racist toward other Muslims. I want my children to know, it doesn’t matter if you are from Saudia Arabia, Bangladesh, or Somalia. To be a Muslim is to believe that all humans are created equal.

It is important to learn how all cultures celebrate Islam, not just the Middle East. No culture, country, or state can own Islam. If you agree, here are some free printables to celebrate Black Muslim History Month in your home.

How To Save Coloring Pages:

  1. Right-Click Save As on the links below.
  2. OR open these links in a new page and print from the page
  3. Print Iman Abdulmajid
  4. Print Mahershala Ali
  5. Print SZA
  6. Print Kareem Abdul Jabar
  7. Print Malcolm X

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