How To: Modern Floral Ramadan Door Wreath

Ramadan prep has officially kicked off in our home. Every year, I add one new craft to our Ramadan decor collection. This year, I finally added a wreath! 

I’m a bit enchanted with the details…

  • A modern Moroccan trellis, which is minimalist and ornate
  • Olives and olive branches, mentioned in the Quran and also are a historic symbol of peace
  • Purple and yellow colors to support the #purpleramadan movement.

Supply List:

  • Wood cut out frame and letter (I purchased mine from OutlineArts)
  • Faux florals
  • Floral wire
  • Glue gun
  • Acrylic paint
  • Transparent wire for picture hanging (transparent thread could work too)
  • Floral scissors

Wood cutouts: I measured my front door and chose 16 “ for trellis and 12” for Mubarak and 8” for Ramadan. I also purchased a custom Eid to swap on Eid day.

Outside of the wood cutouts, I purchased most of these items from Michaels, Amazon, and much of it was already in my crafting closet.


  • Add two coats of paint to all of your wood cutouts. I chose to do a yellow base and purple letters.
  • Plot where you are going to put your leafy branches – since that’s the base you want to make sure it covers your floral side well. I cut back much of the foliage to make the floral piece less busy.
  • Tie the branches to your base with floral wire
  • Hot glue the flowers to the branches. Just sprinkle them in any way you want.
  • Hand the words with transparent wire. Lay the wreath flat and see how you want to position the words. Then tie the words to the base accordingly. (I used a thick picture hanging wire which was a pain to mold, so I recommend something lighter/thinner).

PSA: crafting is my therapy, it’s totally OK if it’s not yours. Ramadan isn’t about elaborate decor, it’s about reconnecting with your inner peace.

So starting this Thursday night, make sure to wish you Muslim friends Ramadan Mubarak ‘blessed Ramadan’ or Ramadan Kareem ‘generous Ramadan’!

Peace & Salam,

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