DIY: Make Your Own Eidi Envelopes

My kids love Mira The Royal Detective. So our family was thrilled when I heard there would be an Eid celebration episode. The Eid Mubarak song from that episode is playing on repeat in our home. It’s time to celebrate!

The theme of the episode is a lost Eidi envelope. Eidi is the monetary gift given to a child on Eid day, and often given in decorative envelopes, affectionately called Eidi envelopes.

As a fun activity for my kids to do after watching the Eid episode, I created these Eid envelope templates.


  1. Print out my free template. I created two! Festive Font and Script Font.
  2. Cut out the envelope along the thick black line. You can keep the line as a part of your design, or cut it off.
  3. Now, kids can decorate with crayons, markers, stickers, whatever they desire!
  4. Fold the flaps down to create the envelope.
  5. Glue all the flaps, except for the top, where you insert the money.

My kids loved making these home made Eid envelopes to share with their cousins and friends. I hope your kids enjoy them too!

Peace and Salam,