Virtual Ramadan Lesson and Moon Phases Activity

Usually a few weeks before the start of Ramadan, I email my sons’ teachers to ask if we can share our special holiday in the classroom. Each year I hold my breath for the response, as many Muslims do when putting themselves out there. Thankfully, every year my request is received warmly. Alhamdulillah.

This year my son’s first-grade teacher wanted to include Ramadan in the grade-level curriculum for all first graders (I belong to a very diverse public school), so I created some resources with STEM tie-in. Since I am not allowed to visit the classroom, due to Covid restrictions, I recorded everything and sent the lesson to our teacher.

Here are the worksheets featured in the video!

All About Ramadan

A quick overview about Ramadan. The sheets highlights: What is Ramadan? When is Ramadan? And How is Ramadan celebrated.
Download Worksheet: Click Link And Save

Moon Phases With Cookies

I am going to say kids ages 8-12 like cookies. So throwing in my moon phases worksheet.
Download Worksheet: Click Link And Save

Lunar Month Calendar

A great take home activity for older kids (8-years-old plus). After the presentation, kids can look for the moon every night during Ramadan and draw their observations.
Download Worksheet: Click Link And Save

Pre-Made Bookmark Template

To make the lesson go more smoothly, my teacher wanted to pre-make the bookmark circles. So I made this template for her!
Download Template: Click Link And Save

Ramadan Kareem!

Peace & Salam,


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