Learning About Allah For Small Children

The moment I realized I needed to start Islamic education at home, Kian came home from kindergarten with Bible stories flashcards his classmate gave him. Kids his age were going to Sunday School. It was time to start a more formal weekly Islamic education.

We are fortunate to have a Islamic school within drive-able distance from our home, but I had missed the cut off for enrollment, and actually preferred to start conversations at home. Where to start? With #1, Allah (s.w.t).

Illyas & Duck Search for Allah

When it comes to Islamic children’s books I have a pretty high bar. Ilyas And Duck Search For Allah passed by test. It keeps small minds interested, with unique animals, but also explain the complex concept of Allah.

Hana & Omar on Youtube

My kids LOVE Hana & Omar. It’s well produced, the songs are catchy, and the content is diverse. For this lesson, we watched, “Everything Belongs to Allah”

Weekend Learning Series Islamic Studies

Weekend Leaning Publishers is based out of Columbus, Ohio had has thoughtfully created workbooks for every grade level. I purchased the Level K and Level 1 books.

Many Ways To Say… Coloring Sheet

Something that is important to me is global context. One day my youngest said, Allah is different than God. I created the Many Ways To Say… coloring sheet so the kids could see Allah (s.w.t) was the Arabic word for God, and that other Abrahamic religions had different words too. In my research I found that Jesus (or as Muslims call him Issa) actually called God, Alaha, as he belonged to an Aramaic tribe.

Download More Ways To Say Coloring Sheet

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