Decorating the Ramadan Fireplace Mantle

An essential element of western holidays is decorating the fireplace mantle. Pumpkins in the fall, pine cones in the winter, and eggs in the spring. I love celebrating the seasons with my children, so now that Ramadan is around the corner, I had to go big for the biggest holiday of the Islamic calendar, and I started with the mantle.

Growing up, Ramadan decorations have always consisted of mosques, moons, star, and lanterns, but I love decorations that reflect the times. This year, Ramadan falls between spring and summer, and I want the mood in my home to reflect that.

This decor concept consists of a floral crescent moon, moss star, 5 pillar candles to represent the 5 pillar of Islam, a modern lantern, garland, and a banner from one of my favorite Etsy stores.


The products I purchased to assemble this look were the following:

  • Ramadan Banner from Crown Your Occasions
  • Spring Garland from Target
  • Pillar Candles from Target
  • Pillar Candle Stands from Walmart
  • Summer Lantern from Michaels
  • Tri-fold Posterboard from Michaels (in Green)
  • Artificials Hydrangeas from Michaels (Purple and White)
  • Moss Table Runner from Michaels
  • Purple Lilac and Leaf Garland from Michaels
  • Green floral wire from Michaels

I knew I wanted the crescent moon to be dramatic. So I bought the largest cardboard available at Michaels to make a 30-inch circle.
1) Tape the back of the folds with packing tape, so that the piece doesn’t bend
2) I cut a 15″ string, to create a 30″ circumference. I used an exacto knife to cut it out.
3.) I used the circular hole in the large cardboard to estimate the crescent shape.


Once I had a cardboard crescent moon, I lined up the lilac garland from Michaels to cover the space. I used green floral wire to tie it into place. I used a tiny screwdriver to punch holes for the wire to go through. After 30 minutes of wiring in garland, I achieved the below look. I filled empty spaces with hydrangeas that I hot glued in.


To make the star, I used the leftover green cardboard to cut out a star shape. Then I covered the star with green moss.

I love the accent pieces on my mantle, especially the 5 pillar candles to represent the 5 pillars of Islam. I am debating if I should add candle covers that have the pillars written in Arabic calligraphy.

What are you doing for your fireplace mantle this Ramadan?

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